Quick update! I have printed 3 new books that will be available soon. MONSTER is a Gothic story about the horrors of being left alone with your own thoughts. Melrose Hall is a spooky little ghost story about a lost love. The Dolls is written by Chris Charlton and aspooky fun story about family. I'll be at ACME in May selling them and they'll be in my online store soon. Lots of great projects coming up!



Hey everyone, I'd like to share a short comic I made called SILLAGE that you can read for free right here on this website, but it's under a secret URL that you can go to by clicking the cover picture to the right. I hope you like it!




Thought I'd share the cover to Styx, the little, weird, spiritual comic I made with Alex Wilson. Should be at the printers soon!





I will be at the ACME show on Saturday May 7th at Samurai Comic in Mesa with a group of awesome people selling art and comics. Then I will be at the Phoenix Comicon on June 2nd with 2 new issues of Strange Streets, 2 new portfolios, Shakespeare and Monster Vol. 2, a new mini comic among other things. Here’s a preview of my new Shakespeare portfolio! More to come and hope to see you there!